How a virtual receptionist can mean you never miss a call a�� or an opportunity a�� again

pexels-photo Albendazole treatment Virtual receptionist services are becoming increasingly popular with SMEs in the UK, as more and more small and medium business owners are realising the true cost of missed calls.

Research shows that many potential clients are unlikely to call back if the phone goes unanswered.

Think about it; how many times have you reached out to another business only to find the telephone engaged, or not answered at all? Did you call them back, or move on to the next supplier on your list?

Overflow call handling and virtual reception services such as those offered by AnswerUK are designed to prevent this from happening. As an increasing number of businesses become more mobile, with home or remote working ever more common, overflow and virtual receptionist services can ensure that not only is every call answered, but also it is handled correctly a�� patched through to a mobile or another office when required, taking messages that can be instantly forwarded in a variety of ways, or providing basic business information such as opening hours or prices for various services.

If you are considering employing an overflow call handling service, ask yourself one question: Are missed calls losing your business money?

A recent survey of SMEs carried out by BT Business showed that UK SMEs are losing a staggering A?90 million through missed calls every year, with the average missed call costing a small enterprise A?1,200. Businesses with fewer than 50 employees were the biggest losers and those with between 50 and 100 employees fared little better.


One common concern that business owners have when considering a virtual reception or overflow call handling service is that calls will be routed to a large, faceless overseas call centre whose employees, whilst good at their jobs, wona��t know enough about a business or its clients to provide a truly helpful service.

At AnswerUK we understand that the key to delivering fantastic service is the quality of the people we employ and how well we treat them. We employ nine full-time receptionists and provide all our staff with free gym memberships, monthly massages, and weekly fruit baskets.

Wea��ve invested in the technology to ensure that our office sounds like a calm and professional business environment, without the worry of sound from other calls bleeding into the background.

Dona��t just take our word for it, though: herea��s what one of our clients, a London-based law firm, had to say about our UK answering service:

a�?We are really pleased with the messages you took for us. We like the fact that it sounded quiet in the background and not like a call centre.a�?


Find out for yourself with a one-week free trial

At AnswerUK we are so confident that you will see the benefits of our virtual receptionist services as soon as you sign up that we offer every potential customer a one-week free trial. Unlike most free trial schemes this isna��t a case of a�?we take your details, give you a free week, then charge you if you forget to cancela�?. We dona��t even take your bank details before the trial is complete, so if you decide after the first seven days that the service is not for you, there is absolutely no risk.

To set up your free, no-obligation seven-day trial of our UK answering service, call us on 0330 700 1222 or request a call back, and wea��ll take it from there.


agent-18707How it works: your own personal virtual receptionist

Whether you need a virtual receptionist to answer every call, or you only require overflow call handling at particularly busy periods, at AnswerUK we will design the perfect plan for your business.

Everything will be designed to sit perfectly with your business. When you sign up for your free trial you will be allocated a dedicated account manager, who will be your go-to person for any questions or changes to your plan.

Our UK answering service offers flexible plans designed to suit the needs of modern, dynamic businesses, and our prices are straightforward with no hidden costs.

The first thing your account manager will establish is how you want us to answer the phone, starting with a simple greeting and becoming more complex depending on your requirements.

For example, every call can be answered with: a�?Good afternoon, Smith and Jones Ltd, how may I help you?a�? This can be customised to suit the needs of different callers: for example, we can provide information such as directions to your office for a meeting.

Thanks to our advanced IT systems here at AnswerUK, we can also ensure that VIP callers are dealt with appropriately. All you need to do is supply us with an Excel sheet of VIP callers and tell us how you would like us to answer and direct their call (for example, a�?Hello, Mrs Greena�? or a�?Hello, Susana�?). This helps to ensure that your callers feel important and that they are speaking to a trustworthy and knowledgeable representative of your company.

Our UK answering service will ensure that key investors or clients receive the response that they want every time, and indeed that every caller feels important, valued, and a priority.

Depending on the specific needs of your business, the virtual receptionist team at AnswerUK can take things a step further. For example, one law firm that we work with has authorised our team to provide quotes for conveyancing work, ensuring that their quotes are provided both quickly and accurately, increasing the chances of a potential client taking up their quote even when they themselves are unable to answer the phone, rather than seeking out the services of a competitor.


How a virtual receptionist can pass on messages or direct calls

One of the key roles of a receptionist is to take and pass on messages, as well as to direct calls appropriately.
The services of a virtual receptionist from AnswerUK is no different. Again, how our team handles your calls is entirely up to you.

For a sole trader or very small business, our overflow call handling service can a�� if required a�� take messages and send them to you straight away via text or email. They can also patch a call through to another line a�� be that land line or mobile a�� the way that your calls and messages are handled are entirely up to you.


It could work something like this:

Louise and Imran run a small accountancy business. Ita��s approaching the end of the tax year, so both Louise and Imran are very busy and unable to instantly answer calls from anyone but key clients. They have a receptionist, Derek, but the sheer volume of calls means that Derek is unable to answer them all, and Louise and Imran are too busy to answer general calls.

Imran signs up to AnswerUKa��s overflow call handling service, and provides instructions on how calls should be answered and directed, including a list of key clients. Now, whenever anyone calls and Dereka��s number is engaged, a member of the AnswerUK virtual receptionist team will answer the call within three rings and will, in the case of key clients they dona��t want to miss, patch them through to Louise or Imran, or alternatively take a message that will be sent to Louise or Imran by email.

This means that all callers feel valued and respected, key clients are able to get through even at busy times, and Louise, Imran, and Derek are able to carry out their jobs without the stress of fearing they are losing business.
In larger organisations, we can implement a more complex system. Whether you have ten numbers or hundreds of extensions at your business, our virtual receptionist service at AnswerUK will always ensure that calls are directed to the correct person or department. Similarly, messages can be sent to any number of different mobiles or email addresses, depending on your requirements.


Herea��s an example of how it could work:

pexels-photo-29594Emma is the managing director of a chain of estate agents with 300 employees across the West Country. She wishes to cut down on her administration costs, but does not want to risk losing business. Emma signs up to AnswerUKa��s virtual reception service to help calls to her agency be more efficiently directed.

The dedicated account manager at AnswerUK works closely with Emma to find out how she would like her calls to be directed a�� for example, she wants to ensure that all calls about properties in Bristol are directed to her Bristol office, whilst general enquiries are patched through to the headquarters in Taunton.


The virtual receptionist who picks up her calls at our London call centre will establish the nature of the call and, if they are calling about a property in a specific town or city, will transfer them to the appropriate office. They will also give that office details of the property in question, so that the caller does not find themselves in the frustrating position of having to repeat themselves.


Bespoke services for special campaigns a�� such as recruitment

Our UK answering service can be fully customised to incorporate special projects or multiple briefs. For example, if you are recruiting for a number of roles within your organisation, our virtual receptionist team are able to answer calls from a range of numbers, providing a unique message for each.

This could be as simple as providing the correct email address for an applicant to send their CV, or directions and parking information for those invited for interview; it could also be more complex, such as conducting an initial telephone interview and emailing you the responses.

Our bespoke services also work well for specific marketing and promotional campaigns; we can handle initial responses to these campaigns exactly as you wish.


Simple aims, producing great results

The aim of our overflow call handling and virtual reception services are simple: we want to provide your business with the opportunity to grow, by providing exceptional client interactions and customer service that is both friendly and professional.

We know that every business is unique, so we will be more than happy to discuss any particular requirements, questions, or concerns that you may have. We look forward to working with you and helping your business go from strength to strength a�� whether you are a sole trader, or have hundreds of employees.

Overflow call handling with AnswerUK: key questions answered

How do I know if this service will work for my business?

At AnswerUK we are so confident in the professionalism and personal care and attention delivered by all of our virtual receptionist team that we offer all new customers a seven-day free trial to see how we can help you.

You are welcome to read testimonials from existing happy customers, of course, but we believe that because every business is unique, there is nothing quite like first-hand experience of how our service can work for your business. You are under no obligation to continue if you are not entirely happy at the end of your seven-day trial.

Free trial? Does this mean I have to remember to cancel in seven days if Ia��m not happy?

Absolutely not. We dona��t even take your bank details when you sign up for your free trial. Wea��ll speak with you at the end of the seven days to discuss how you have found the service, and what plans are most suitable for you should you choose to go forward.

Will I be tied in for a long time if I do sign up? What if my circumstances change?

If you sign up for a plan with our UK answering service following your seven-day free trial, we will put you on a monthly rolling contract, meaning that if your circumstances change you will only have to provide one montha��s notice.

How does it work?

When you get in contact for your free trial of our virtual receptionist services, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager. They will take basic details, such as your name, your business name, and telephone number.

Your account manager will find out how you wish us to answer calls, and will ask you for a spreadsheet of VIP callers if required. We will also establish whether you want us to work on specific projects, such as recruitment, and how you would like messages to be passed on a�� via SMS or email.

What are your office hours?

Our office hours are your office hours and can provide you with the service you need 24-7. We will establish when you first get in contact what times you want our overflow call handling services to operate.

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